Description of Services

Quilting Services ~  

  • Basting

For hand quilters and home machine quilters, basting is available. Done in a square grid 3 to 4 inches apart. Large stitches make it easy to remove once your quilting is complete. 
  • Edge to Edge Pantograph

Pattern is interlocked (like puzzle pieces) and repeated over the entire quilt from edge to edge. There are hundreds of designs to choose from plus more on the internet available to compliment your quilt's theme and design! Now with AP is the ability to flip, alternate and trim designs to create a pleasing design with fewer repeats.

  • Semi-Custom and Custom Edge to Edge

Semi-custom ~ a border/corner design surrounds an edge to edge pantograph in the center field of your quilt top. Custom edge to edge ~ a repeated design centered over each block. This can be done with straight set as well as blocks set on point.

  • Custom

Blocks, sashing, cornerstones, setting triangles and borders are all quilted individually. 

  • Other Services

Additional services:  Binding 
A selection of Quilter's Dream battings are available at a per inch price.

Click on Pricing, Quilt Preparation, and Quilting Designs for more info
By appointment only for existing customers ~ text to 592.9996 

I have the best customers and they keep me busy busy busy! My quilting schedule is booked for this year. There are changes in the works as I cut down my quilting hours, gearing down for retirement :0) 

Changes... I am no longer taking new or internet customers. Digital quilting only (no hand guided including applique quilts). Starting in 2017 quilts will be taken on a first come basis limited to a turn around time of 3 months.

For other longarm options contact ~ Honey Run Quilters
2418 Cohasset Road, Chico CA 95926   Honey Run Quilters on facebook

Thank you! Your business is always appreciated :0) 
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